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*A capsule of some Theosophical premises.*
       * Christ is one of the Masters
             At the beginning and end of every age, the Hierarchy of Masters send one of their Great Ones into the world to act as a
             Teacher for the coming time. Jesus the Christ has served as one. He is also identified as The Lord Maitreya, the
             embodiment of Love, or the Christ Principle. Theosophist’s assert that man is a god in the making and that
             Christ is a man who has already achieved that status. Christians know Him as the Christ, Theosophists know
             Him as the World Teacher. He has been the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom since 600 BC.

       *Man is a god in the making
             Theosophists teach that Man on Earth, in physical body and in spirit body and soul consciousness, is an eternal pre-
            existent portion of God and that over time each individual is ultimately reabsorbed into the fullness of the Oneness
            of the universe and beyond. Theosophy teaches that humans are God in person and a “god” in the making.
            Buddhism calls this “nirvana.”

       * Multiple Reincarnations, Multiple Bodies, Multiple Planes
             Theosophiy teaches that a human soul begins each reincarnate birth with two distinct bodies called the upper triad and
            the lower quartenary. The upper triad, forming the monad, consists of the Atma, the Buddhi and the Manas. These are,
            respectively, the spirit; the vehicle for the spirit to reach the lower planes; and the mind divided into an upper mind
            having an affinity for the spirit and the lower mind having an affinity for the physical. The lower quartenary has the
            Kama, or desire body followed by the prana body which ennervates the chakras and thus channels fuel to our physical
            body;and two other bodies, the astral and the physical. All bodies except the physical are invisible. During Yoga or
            sleep, the astral and mental bodies leave the physical and dwell in the astral world, gaining deeper knowledge allowing
            him another means to advance in his evolution toward perfection.

        *Death and the Intermediate State
            Devachan is the state between earth-lives (incarnations) into which the human entity, the human monad, shorn of the
            quartenary, enters and there rests in bliss and repose. When the second death after that of the physical body takes
            place the higher part of the human entity draws into itself all that which it has ever aspired towards, and takes all that
            with it into devachan. The Atman, with the Buddhi and higher Manas, become thereupon the spiritual Monad of man.
            It is important to understand that devachan is not a locality, it is a state of being. The reincarnating ego remains in the
            devachanic state, that most perfect state of utter bliss and peace, constantly reviewing, and improving, with its own
            blissful imagination, all the unfulfilled spiritual and intellectual possibilities it had ever yearned for in the life just closed.
           There is, however, another state into which the wicked, and you must be very wicked, are sent to dwell. This is Avichi,
            a state of being without happiness; without repose. This is not 'punishment' in the Christian sense; this is where the
            will for evil, and the unsatisfied evil longings, come full circle to form the landscape and surroundings created from the
            deeds and thoughts of the past life, populated with his own kind. "You reap what you sow,." This is karma: effects
           resulting from actions.

       *Finished Product of Human Evolution
            Theosophy teaches that man becomes a finished product of human evolution after completing seemingly countless
            incarnations to reach a state of absolute wisdom. It is a process of chains, rounds and races. A chain has seven rounds,
            a round has seven races, each race has seven sub-races. We must experience everything. Our monad starts out as an
            elemental, then an elemental to a mineral, a mineral to a plant, a plant to an animal, an animal to a human being which is
            Man. The next step is to become a Dhyan Chohan, a god, a Perfected Man, which is still far from the end of the line. It is,
            fundememtally, a learning process in which we achieve complete perfection by means of experience and knowledge. In
            other words, we become gods. This takes unimaginable stretches of time.

       *God's presence on Earth
            Theosophy declares that when a person attains the fullness of God, they incarnate themselves within a Perfected Man
            who then becomes a world teacher, who then becomes another Christ on earth. This implies that there is always at least
            one incarnate God, clothed in flesh, dwelling with humans on earth through-out each new era of time.

* * * * * * * * * *
   Objectives of the Theosophical Society and the Great Brotherhood

   * to form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.*

   * to encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science.*

   * to investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity.*

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